Victorian Cupcake Menina Dresses and Dolls

Beautiful, elaborate and sweet looking outfits are now available. They all come with everything you see. Victorian Lace Necklace, Ruffled Blouse, Intricate Corset, Multi Layered Ruffled and Embroidered Skirt, Double Leggings

[360 width=”100%” height=”900px” src=”yofla360/Menina”]

Many more will be added tomorrow to the catalog

Brian Froud Inspired Doll Collection

After many many weeks of working on this collection we finally finished them.

It’s a three doll collection that includes a Fairy, A Boy and a Frog Girl. They all feature brand new face molds and intricate engraved tattoos inspired in the illustration artwork of Brian Froud. They have all magnet wings and accessories that can be used on all three dolls.

They were sold weeks before they were finished. For those interested on our future dolls please stay connected to our Facebook fan page

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