Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Pierrot, a Porcelain BJD Boy inspired on the 1700’s costume

Pierrot, is a Porcelain BJD Doll inspired on the 1700 Period.

He features an intricate embroidered multi layered costume from the 1700’s

Vintage style pierrot clown. He comes with everything you see here.  Pierrot Clown BJD Doll 

You can see the full gallery of new dolls here: http://www.FHDolls.com 

Pierrot is a Porcelain BJD Doll and its available for purchase in our Doll Store


Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Pierre, A Victorian Pierrot Clown

Pierre is the first of two male dolls that will be available this week.

He is going to be available for purchase in our website only for a few hours.

Then the buy it now button will be removed and will be listed on eBay as a 7 day auction.

There are many more pictures on the gallery gallery