Cosmic Angel

BJD Doll , Cosmic Angel

sold by the artists Aiis Roman & Gamalier Bravo

Fine Art One of a Kind BJD Doll is made using the finest and silkiest milky white translucent porcelain.

Fully articulated body with 19 articulation points with leather lining on every joint for a smoother rotation, extensive movement and posing.

New 2015 face .

New upgraded delicate and detailed hands.

Industrial carbon steel springs mechanism.

Doll is painted with permanent china colors and her body is all polished and blushed with the same paints that are used in ceramics and porcelains that resist scratches and will not fade.

Hand painted brown eyes and hand painted face features detailed down to individual eyelashes and eyebrows.

Intricate engraved and painted opalescent white and blue snowflake mandala tattoo.

Real 22k white gold embossed body tattoo inlayed with beautiful aurora borealis rhinestones.

 One of a kind premium soft removable brushed and styled mohair wig.

Hand made crown made of a combination of metal and aurora borealis crystals.

Removable and very unique metallic silver white feather harness.

Removable embroided silver costume.

Delicate hand made embroided shoes adorned with tiny aurora borealis rhinestones.

Custom made cushioned doll box is made using matching brocade fabrics, raw silk and vintage metal hinges. Box has the appearance of a treasure chest and is ideal for traveling as the doll fits perfectly with the double layered cushion on the lid and inside the box.

As all of our dolls will arrive with a hand made wood base with an engraved FHDolls logo. It is made with a strong galvanized rod and flexible top.

Doll preservation:

A Forgotten Hearts doll will last for many years as they have been constructed in strong porcelain and steel mechanism. Since the paint is bonded to the porcelain it will not fade, stain or scratch under reasonable care and cleaning. Doll mechanism is made of steel, so please do not submerge your doll in water.

Due the nature of this one of a kind doll, returns are not accepted.


IMG 0001 Cosmic Angel

IMG 0004 Cosmic Angel

IMG 0005 Cosmic Angel

IMG 0013A Cosmic Angel

IMG 0008 Cosmic Angel

IMG 00091 Cosmic Angel

IMG 00101 Cosmic Angel

IMG 00131 Cosmic Angel

IMG 00171 Cosmic Angel

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IMG 00221 Cosmic Angel

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IMG 00261 Cosmic Angel

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IMG 00253 Cosmic Angel

IMG 00272 Cosmic Angel

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IMG 0035 Cosmic Angel