Aidamaris Roman , one of a kind Forgotten Hearts Doll

upload by FHdolls
upload, a photo by FHdolls on Flickr.

@gamalierbravo is working on a lovely Forgotten Hearts Illustration. We hope to have the prints ready for the Quinlan Doll Show next month.

This is what happens when you let your Spawn toys “play” with your dolls in the middle of the night. Elena’s worst nightmare. My husband @gamalierbravo has made many awesome photo stories. You might want to follow him @gamalierbravo

The monsters take over while you sleep. Poor Elena. @gamalierbravo is making photo stories with his toys and our dolls. You might want to follow him.

Painstaking hand made dreadlocks for a Magical Mushroom Fairy for @strychninberlin