Victorian Cupcake Menina Dresses and Dolls

Beautiful, elaborate and sweet looking outfits are now available. They all come with everything you see. Victorian Lace Necklace, Ruffled Blouse, Intricate Corset, Multi Layered Ruffled and Embroidered Skirt, Double Leggings

[360 width=”100%” height=”900px” src=”yofla360/Menina”]

Many more will be added tomorrow to the catalog

Willow & Luna Porcelain BJD Dolls

Willow and Luna are our latest doll design for the year 2018.

They feature a brand new body with more articulation points, anatomically upgraded with detailed muscles and bones. Dainty hands and feet, longer legs and two new head sculpts.

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Photo for comparison only, old 2016 model (left) new 2018 (right)

Porcelain BJD Collection | Victorian Shortcakes

Hello everyone! Get ready for tomorrow as we reveal our latest doll collection. I called them Strawberry Shortcake Victorian Clown Dolls as they remind my childhood dolls of sweet smelling hair. They are five dolls which one of them is already sold. All the others are still available. This collection includes a boy dressed in a very luxurious 1700’s clothing. Stay tuned for tomorrow (Monday 26th, 2018) as this dolls tend to sell very quickly.

Here is Echo, a few days ago when she was almost finished.

Strawberry Shortcake Echo Ball Jointed Doll | Porcelain BJD Dolls by Forgotten Hearts
Please visit our instagram page or sign up for our mailing list as this dolls tend not to stay in our shelves for long. As always , thank you very much!


Porcelain BJD Strawberry Echo
If you are new to our dolls please read about our doll process

Pierre, A Victorian Pierrot Clown

Pierre is the first of two male dolls that will be available this week.

He is going to be available for purchase in our website only for a few hours.

Then the buy it now button will be removed and will be listed on eBay as a 7 day auction.

There are many more pictures on the gallery gallery






Brian Froud Inspired Doll Collection

After many many weeks of working on this collection we finally finished them.

It’s a three doll collection that includes a Fairy, A Boy and a Frog Girl. They all feature brand new face molds and intricate engraved tattoos inspired in the illustration artwork of Brian Froud. They have all magnet wings and accessories that can be used on all three dolls.

They were sold weeks before they were finished. For those interested on our future dolls please stay connected to our Facebook fan page

For the entire photo gallery please visit









Souls of Atlantis , our latest Fine Art BJD Mermaid Collection

Souls of Atlantis , is our latest Fine Art Porcelain BJD Doll Collection that features our first 16″ Merboy.

They all feature intricate engraved tattoos and real 22K Gold accents.

Merboy is (SOLD)

Atlantia & Antares have been listed on eBay as a 5 day auction ending Sunday night.


Atlas-Antares-IMG_0022 Atlas-Antares-IMG_0023 IMG_0034 IMG_0038 IMG_0040 Atlas-Antares-IMG_0029