Additional Makeup Customization



We will gladly paint your doll at no additional cost if the requested face paint is referred by a previously made face paint or the instructions provided are simple. Example , blue eye color  , soft lip color and soft makeup.  Due the high demand in our dolls, if you send us various pictures and detailed specifications on how you want your doll will cause delays on the final product. This is why we are asking a small fee for the extra work. This fee is also for Clown make up as they require many more paint layers. Our dolls are not like resin dolls that are painted with acrylics. We use the finest China paints. Every single layer of paint requires to be cured (fired) on a kiln at 1500 Fahrenheit for a few hours. Every single doll face needs about 8 layers of paint. A clown doll face paint over 10 or more. This means that every single layer will need to go to the kiln about 10 times. This paint is permanently bonded to the porcelain. It will not scratch or fade over time.

Keep in mind that this fee will not cover tattoos or any other body paint. Just make up.





Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in