17″ Acuariana



BJD Doll , Acuariana

She is a Ooak Superb Porcelain 17.5″ double  jointed doll and has the following features:

Doll is made using the finest and silkiest milky white translucent porcelain.

Fully articulated body with 19 articulation points with Leather lining on every doll joint for a smoother rotation.

Hand engraved and painted luxurious royal blue tattoo.

Doll is painted with permanent china colors and her body is all polished and blushed. The same paints that are used in ceramics and porcelains that resist scratches.

Individually applied eyelashes, Hand made glass eyes and Hand painted face features.

 BJD Doll has a one of a kind premium soft removable  mohair wig.

Hand sculpted octopus tentacles crown.

Hand made jellyfish outfit.

Every night…

in the crescent moon and high tide…

The nocturnal ghost of the abyss

sadly cry a mellow chant.

The Oracle has spoken!

The Ambassador of light is being called

to make a hypnotic tentacle dance.


From the dwelling sea,

the celestial Ashray rises.

As a collector of traveling light

she brings one last spiritual swim

to those forsaken hearts.


The widowed sea has cried

with tears that wash away it’s painful past.

Sea says is time to go

and will guide you through departure

to divine hands of God.


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