Porcelain BJD Doll Giveaway Rules

Porcelain BJD dolls


For those who have been longing for a FHdoll, here is your one and only chance to win one of our fine art dolls. The rules are quite simple. Follow us @fhdolls on instagram. Repost this picture on your instagram or Facebook account, tag your friends,  tell everybody about the giveaway. Share a link of our website www.Forgotten-Hearts.com/site or www.FHDolls.com  after we reach our goal 100k we will randomly select a winner from our instagram follower list. We will send a porcelain nude doll, one wig and box to the selected winner.  Anyone can join. We will ship anywhere in the world.  Good luck and let’s have lots of fun. #giveaway #forgottenhearts #fhdolls #winaFhdolls #porcelainbjd #bjd #bjddolls REPOST AS MANY TIMES YOU WANT!

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