Our Waranty

Is our goal to provide you an enjoyable experience when you purchase a FH doll.
However if something goes wrong we will be more than happy to help you recover your investment. In most cases it will not cost you anything to get your doll repaired.
We fully guarantee our dolls if they arrive damaged while shipping.. This includes all parts of the doll. In order to receive this full cover guarantee you must contact us and file a claim within 7 days of the doll arrival.

In some cases we require the doll to be sent back to us so we can make the proper repairs and restorations.

If you have an old FH doll that needs restoration , we can gladly do this for you. In most cases , it will not cost you a thing. We  will create a brand new replacement piece which you can easily install at home.

Sometimes our molds get old and we retire our face molds and even the porcelain colors. If you are requesting a facemold replacement that is discontinued we will send you a brand new one from an available collection.

This is very important! Make sure the doll is in ORIGINAL condition. This means , no alterations or changes can be made in any way. Do not change their original costuming or wigs. This will invalidate the guarantee.

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