Artist Statement

So many dolls on my work table this week

It takes one porcelain doll maker to know how hard is to create porcelain dolls.  Porcelain is such an unforgiving material that is why I ask my customers to be a little patient.

They are works of art , not mass produced items.  The new white slip just arrived and even though I had a rough start with it , I’m finally back on track.

And by a rough start I meant… I had all the pieces china painted and they developed black spots. So , I had to re-do all the process from step one.

For those who know what I’m talking about , they know how hard is to create a single piece.

Even though they are “dolls” they are still made of Porcelain.

I will always be glad to repair any doll that you accidentally break at home ,  but please don’t let them fall.

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