BJD Doll Process

BJD Doll Process

As young trending artists we spend time to research what is new and always try to be innovating.  Is our goal to mesmerize our audience with captivating concepts. We aim to create not just dolls but a work of art full of heart and soul and to achieve that everything down to the smallest detail must be thought in advance.
It all starts with an idea !
A concept that is first roughly sketched into paper. Then slowly an elaborate drawing emerges. A doll design just like a blue print with all the doll details and measurements is made. Then we proceed by sculpting the prototype doll using polymer clay. Everything is sculpted with the exact measurements as the blue print.

We take our time creating a prototype doll that eventually will became porcelain. The sculpting process is the most important in order to achieve perfection. Every part of the doll is fine tuned on this stage.  After the polymer parts are done we procede the molding process. The molds are made of plaster. This is quite a tedious but in order to have perfect results a good set of molds is required. Our molds are quite complex, sometimes they can have as many as 5 parts to create a single doll chest or torso.

After the molds are done we proceed with the porcelain pouring. We have spent a lot of time and money researching for the finest porcelain slips. In order to achieve that special and magical glow that only porcelain could have we make sure to use only the best porcelains available on the market.
Raw porcelain parts are then carefully removed from the molds and we begin cleaning the soft raw parts. Once they dry, it will go through a soft firing to become something we call a “green ware”.  At this stage, the porcelain looks like thin ceramic and some parts are as delicate as egg shells. The green ware will be cleaned and sanded. Now it will be ready for her next firing that we call “bisque”. They will be fired for many hours in high a temperatures that goes way beyond 2500 ºF on a Kiln. An oven designed just for porcelain and ceramics. The porcelain bisque is then is carefully polished.


Every part will be fitted and tested together just to make sure they will eventually work when we include all the mechanism. After all the parts are polished they will be china painted. This paint bonds molecularly with the porcelain and in order to achieve that, the porcelain will undergo an extra low firing on the kiln. After the parts have been painted we proceed by adding a paper thin leather lining. This will make the doll movements a lot smoother and will also add grip. Once the glue has dried up we proceed by we will add adding the doll mechanism, attaching and stringing the pieces together.

Now our doll is ready for her glass eyes. Our glass eyes are a special and secret technique of our own. They are handmade and designed only by us as well. Then the eyelashes are applied. They are meticulously attached one by one to create a magical frame in to the dolls eyes. Eyelashes and eyes are glazed and sealed together.
After the eyes are sealed, we proceed making wig caps and then wigs. Our wigs are made with original hand dyed mohair. We dye our own mohair. You will not find this kind of hair anywhere. After the wig caps and wigs are made the outfits are designed. We created our original patterns for each doll and most of our fabrics are hand dyed. by us as well. Everything we use in the creation of our dolls is pretty and unique. That makes our work spectacular and truly one of a kind.


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  1. The entire process is incredible and amazing and puts porcelain BJD in piece of fine art category without any doubt. It is true that you are experiencing a new technique with a porcelain that does not require cooking in the Kiln? I heard about it from a friend who follows your art on instagram but it seems incredible to me!

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