Custom BJD Doll Ordering

We can gladly make a custom porcelain BJD doll for you. Adult Lady, Boy or Girl.

You can choose the type of face from the ones available , hair color and eye color.

Custom  Nude doll includes, magnet wig, clear resin stand and luxury box.


Costuming and tattoos cost extra. 

If you decide to make a doll we will start immediately upon receiving your payment and will take about 1-2 months to complete. All depending on how many dolls we have to make at the moment.

Before we continue any further please read this entirely and carefully.

Creating porcelain dolls is a highly complex process. I’m sure most people are unaware of this. Is not like any other resin or plastic  process (which is fairly easy and toxic) .

Porcelain is a painstaking work of many, many many days. So it requires patient, skill and lots of love.

The porcelain casting process is all made by hand. No machines are ever used.

Although they are  similar because I use my original molds , they are NEVER identical.

Even if I try, no two dolls will look exactly  the same. There is a lot of sculpting in the raw porcelain before each dolls goes to the kiln.

Tattooing takes place at the raw “green ware” porcelain stage. As we engrave the pattern in the soft porcelain with a thin needle. Then the tattoo is painted on the bisque engraved grooves .

We use  powder china pigments. The same ones used on vintage fine vases and teacups.

The painting process takes place on a ceramic oven (kiln) at high temperatures over 2000 f. This is where the paint melts,  comes to life and permanently bonds to the porcelain. The outcome of the colors sometimes is uncertain as it all depends on the heat. It’s a chemical reaction of the painting inside the kiln.

Also, keep in mind that this painted faces are works of art. Just like any other artist paint on canvas, this dolls are our canvas.

We paint by using transparent layers. Every paint layer must go to the kiln to bind to the porcelain for at least 8 hours at very high temperatures . A single doll face will go to the kiln at least 6 times to have our striking and realistic  look. A single doll face will take about 6 days to complete.

Therefore every brush stroke is different.

Also, Many things such as photo lighting, eye color, hair color will make the finished look quite different.

When asking for a custom doll PLEASE remember that you will not receive an identical doll from the ones in our website gallery. You will receive an unique doll made with the same high standards and precision. But not exactly the same.

Unless you are purchasing the ones available. If you are willing to accept all this, then we will be more than happy to make a doll for you. Rest assure that the final results will be amazing.

2016 body left – 2018 body right

6 thoughts on “Custom BJD Doll Ordering

  1. Hi!
    I try to join you for some questions. I love you’re dolls and i was wondering if you could make one for me. They are inspiring and so I would like to send you a picture of one of you’re gorgeous dolls that i changed a little. I hope this will interest you. Please forgive for my bad english and contact me soon.
    Best regards,

  2. Hello,
    I noticed your accepting orders, I’m interested in the 17″ Kyrat doll as she’s shown with all accessories and tattoos. I wanted to obtain itemized pricing and lead time before I proceed with an order.

    -Thanking you in advance, Audrey

  3. Hello! Your dolls are so unique and beautiful!

    I’ve often been told that I have a doll face, would you be able to customize a doll with curly hair to look like me if I sent a photo?

    I would be honored and I would also love to know what kind of pricing you have for custom orders.

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