Willow & Luna Porcelain BJD Dolls

Willow and Luna are our latest doll design for the year 2018.

They feature a brand new body with more articulation points, anatomically upgraded with detailed muscles and bones. Dainty hands and feet, longer legs and two new head sculpts.

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Photo for comparison only, old 2016 model (left) new 2018 (right)

Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Pierrot, a Porcelain BJD Boy inspired on the 1700’s costume

Pierrot, is a Porcelain BJD Doll inspired on the 1700 Period.

He features an intricate embroidered multi layered costume from the 1700’s

Vintage style pierrot clown. He comes with everything you see here.  Pierrot Clown BJD Doll 

You can see the full gallery of new dolls here: http://www.FHDolls.com 

Pierrot is a Porcelain BJD Doll and its available for purchase in our Doll Store


Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Porcelain BJD Doll Pierrot

Porcelain BJD dolls

Porcelain BJD Doll Giveaway Rules

Porcelain BJD dolls


For those who have been longing for a FHdoll, here is your one and only chance to win one of our fine art dolls. The rules are quite simple. Follow us @fhdolls on instagram. Repost this picture on your instagram or Facebook account, tag your friends,  tell everybody about the giveaway. Share a link of our website www.Forgotten-Hearts.com/site or www.FHDolls.com  after we reach our goal 100k we will randomly select a winner from our instagram follower list. We will send a porcelain nude doll, one wig and box to the selected winner.  Anyone can join. We will ship anywhere in the world.  Good luck and let’s have lots of fun. #giveaway #forgottenhearts #fhdolls #winaFhdolls #porcelainbjd #bjd #bjddolls REPOST AS MANY TIMES YOU WANT!