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Some of our best seller tutorials are back available


We accept both paypal and google checkout payments. For those interested on paying via paypal just send payment to figurinas@goddess-dreams.com and a note indicating which tutorial.

The tutorials will be sent to your inbox shortly. For those that use google checkout the download is instant.


Learn how to sculpt a baby

This is a beautifully illustrated 42 page PDF . This book  will show you how to sculpt a baby step by step using polymer clay.

As all my tutorials it will show you which materials and tools to use .

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Learn how to make a child face tutorial

This tutorial is in PDF version and is a 37 pages beautifully illustrated book .

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Learn how to make a BJD doll

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Learn how to make a polymer clay bjd doll with this html based tutorial.

It’s a one time subscription fee of $25.00  at my tutorial site here:




Learn how to sculpt a fairy with this intense tutorial . Over 900 illustrations and 13 videos. This file is an html format with windows media videos. The file is 122 mb download. The instant download is $25.00  Can be paid via google checkout or via paypal contact us at aidamarisroman@hotmail.com for paypal payments.

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