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  1. I love the work that you have done. It has been amazing to see you grow in this field. I purchased along time ago one of your poly-clay mermaids, and treasure it this very day. It looks as if you meet the lady from Enchanted Dolls. I can tell by the jewelry work you added to your dolls. What made you go from poly-clay to BJD dolls, don’t get me wrong your skills still shines through. I am also an artist and still trying to find that medium that best represents me. I am interested in learning how you make these pieces of art, but where do I start? I have sculpted a little bit and the work turns out pretty good, but I am guessing you are using a kilm to fire your porcelain parts. Tell me how you started to give me, and idea on what direction I should go. I have done every medium out there so see what best fits me, but I still need to check this field as well. Thanks for any advice you can give in this quest for new knowledge.

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