I believe in fairy tales

Fairytales do exist. I was once told by a friend that when I discover true love it was going to be supernatural.
And is true. I found supernatural love in a supernatural way.
Something beyond words , I cannot describe.
A love that only God can put together.
And when you realize that , you know that God DO exist and has been watching every step and every gasp of air we breathe since the begining.
He knew it all and from up above he smiles …

That celestial being we call God…
That mystical, ethereal , magical , crystal being that we cannot understand for certain but we know for sure it exist.
A universal God with no rules, bibles or religion , is just something far beyond that .
That is our God and the God we love.

Today we realized how much God loved us and how he managed to put us together in the right timing.
This was no coincidence , it was planned on the heavens. A collission of two wondering souls with the same desire .
It was already been written in God’s plans . And once again , he looks below and smiles.

Today , Gamalier and I got married in the most unexpected way but for us it was the perfect and right way to do it. Without any human witness we exchanged the most spontaneous votes to each other. They were not planned , they came out right from our hearts.
Because soulmates DO exist. Another soul that completes you , making a perfect fit just like pieces of a puzzle.

No papers to sign just love drunken and deep sunken…
A commitment shooting like a sharpened arrow aiming straingt to the heart.
Written with kisses , tears and most important…love
and nothing else because nothing else matters.
This is what marriage is all about . A bond within two hearts that makes them beat at the same time.

Today , May 19 2012 Gamalier and I got Married.
Our only witness…his unfinishedmasterpiece painting of our precious forgotten hearts dolly. Now that painting is even more special and grabbed the energy of our unconditional absolute pledge of love.