Porcelain BJD dolls

Porcelain BJD Doll Giveaway Rules

Porcelain BJD dolls


For those who have been longing for a FHdoll, here is your one and only chance to win one of our fine art dolls. The rules are quite simple. Follow us @fhdolls on instagram. Repost this picture on your instagram or Facebook account, tag your friends,  tell everybody about the giveaway. Share a link of our website www.Forgotten-Hearts.com/site or www.FHDolls.com  after we reach our goal 100k we will randomly select a winner from our instagram follower list. We will send a porcelain nude doll, one wig and box to the selected winner.  Anyone can join. We will ship anywhere in the world.  Good luck and let’s have lots of fun. #giveaway #forgottenhearts #fhdolls #winaFhdolls #porcelainbjd #bjd #bjddolls REPOST AS MANY TIMES YOU WANT!

Porcelain BJD Collection | Victorian Shortcakes

Hello everyone! Get ready for tomorrow as we reveal our latest doll collection. I called them Strawberry Shortcake Victorian Clown Dolls as they remind my childhood dolls of sweet smelling hair. They are five dolls which one of them is already sold. All the others are still available. This collection includes a boy dressed in a very luxurious 1700’s clothing. Stay tuned for tomorrow (Monday 26th, 2018) as this dolls tend to sell very quickly.

Here is Echo, a few days ago when she was almost finished.

Strawberry Shortcake Echo Ball Jointed Doll | Porcelain BJD Dolls by Forgotten Hearts
Please visit our instagram page or sign up for our mailing list as this dolls tend not to stay in our shelves for long. As always , thank you very much!


Porcelain BJD Strawberry Echo
If you are new to our dolls please read about our doll process  http://forgotten-hearts.com/site/about-the-dolls/