Commissioned dolls

Our commissioned dolls section is now open.

Astra, Maya and Gemini are now available as nude custom orders.

We will gladly make a doll for you which you can select, wig and eye color.

The cost for this dolls is $1650.00 each. This also includes a hand made stand and luxury box.

Check Astra, Gemini and Maya’s gallery for more pictures.


IMG 0023 1 Commissioned dolls

IMG 0020 Commissioned dolls

Maya Commissioned dolls


After so many months of planning, designing, sculpting and molding we finally have our latest doll model.

We proudly present you Astra. Our brand new fine art adult bjd design.

She features a brand new doll face, expressive highly detailed new hands and brand new body that makes many new dynamic poses. She is 14.5″ tall.

We are now accepting commissioned orders for Astra. She is only available nude at this time ( Couture, accessories and shoes will be added later on to our website) . A similar doll can be made for you upon request. As all of our dolls she will come with a magnetic wig, hand made stand and luxury box. Email us at for price details.


IMG 0020 Astra

IMG 0017 Astra

IMG 0018 Astra

IMG 0019 Astra

IMG 0015 Astra

IMG 0008 Astra

IMG 0012 Astra

IMG 0011 Astra

IMG 0010 Astra

IMG 0008 Astra

Doll Comparison:

Astra is a bit slimmer and 1/2″ smaller than our older model.  Our new design allows her to move and pose a lot better than any previous adult doll model. We are very pleased with the results.

newdollcomparison Astra