Harajuku 2011 Collection

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IMG 3122 Harajuku 2011 Collection

New 2011 Harajuku Porcelain Ball Jointed Dolls AVAILABLE!

They are all One of a Kind 13.5″ Tall Ball Jointed Dolls .  All Outfits are hand made . Accessories are all included.

Chair or stands are not included.


IMG 3067 Harajuku 2011 Collection

Harajuku Confetty Clowny Girl , She is SOLD


IMG 3088 Harajuku 2011 Collection

Harajuku Bunny Bunny She is SOLD

IMG 3076 Harajuku 2011 Collection

Harajuku Trapecista She is AVAILABLE $1200.00

Trapecista Doll features:

  • hand made silk removable blonde wig
  • hand painted face features
  • baby blue eyes
  • extra long eyelashes
  • hand made outfit that includes umbrella , dress and leggins.