Forgotten Hearts dolls are Fine Art Porcelain BJD Ball Jointed Dolls that are meticulously hand crafted one at a time.  They require many days of dedication, therefore only a few dolls are available every month. We accept PayPal, Alipay, Apple Pay and All mayor Credit Cards. We ship worldwide. Contact 


USPS Iternational Service is temporarily unavailable for certain countries. Shipping delays may occur if you live in this areas. Please check USPS alerts website to see if your county is listed.

If you are located in USA no need to worry about any of that.

Please read carefully before placing your order. As an artist I tend to not follow any plans when It comes to my dolls. Most of the times I let my creativity take control without worrying about the outcome. Every brush stroke is different in every doll even though I take them from the same molds. Although they are  similar, they are NEVER EVER identical.  Even if I try, no two dolls will look the same. When asking for a custom doll keep in mind that they are made just the same an artist makes a work of art. Even though I take them out of the same molds they will never be identical. Every brushstroke is different. Many things such as photo lighting, eye color, hair color will make the finished look quite different. When asking for a custom doll PLEASE remember that you will NOT receive an identical doll from the ones in our website gallery. Unless you are purchasing the ones available. If you are willing to accept all this, then we will be more than happy to make a doll for you.

Please visit our instagram page or sign up for our mailing list as this porcelain ball jointed dolls tend not to stay in our shelves for long. As always , thank you very much!

If you are new to our dolls please read about our doll process


Before placing your order, please take your time to meet our girls. There are many face molds available. Each link will open up a gallery of previously made dolls.

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  1. Hi! Omg I’ve been searching on-line for and affordable BJD for years! I found Marina Bychkova Enchanted Dolls several years ago and was amazed how expensive her dolls went for on Ebay prices we’re out of my reach. But last night I happen to come across your Forgotten Hearts Dolls on youtube. Yay! Finally! I just wanted to say your dolls are amazing and beautifully done! So creative and talented. My question how long after ordering will it take to receive a doll? Also I just love your Echo doll and would it be possible to purchase one like her? I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you Florence

  2. Bonjour à vous, bien heureuse de vous rejoindre, j’ai un coup de coeur pour Victorian Raodside Circus Japonais Maaya, pourriez-vous me préciser si elle reviendra ?
    Merci pour partager tant de petites merveilles. Bonne journée.

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