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15″ Fine Art Porcelain BJD , Goddess Aurora

New Fine Art Porcelain BJD doll is now being offered on Ebay as a 5 day auction.

Alice in Wonderland Small Dolls Available

New Small Doll Collection available.  We have been receiving many requests for this small dolls for the past days that we though the best way to please everybody is to list them as auctions instead of regular buy it now to give the same chance of winning to all of our fans. All this dolls […]

Cosmic Angel

BJD Doll , Cosmic Angel sold by the artists Aiis Roman & Gamalier Bravo Fine Art One of a Kind BJD Doll is made using the finest and silkiest milky white translucent porcelain. Fully articulated body with 19 articulation points with leather lining on every joint for a smoother rotation, extensive movement and posing. New […]

BJD Dolls Available

New BJD Dolls are available in our website and ebay , check our available doll section for details. Tea Rose and Opium are our latest Porcelain BJD Dolls from our new collection “Poisonous Flower Circus” This new collection are inspired on the Victorian Era with a twist…  

Aidamaris Roman , one of a kind Forgotten Hearts Doll

upload, a photo by FHdolls on Flickr.

Doll , one of a kind dolls by Aidamaris Roman Forgotten Hearts

Doll , one of a kind dolls by Aidamaris Roman Forgotten Hearts, a photo by FHdolls on Flickr.