17″ Genesis



Genesis: The mother and creator of humanity. The cosmic spiral dancer of the universe.

From the lost Civilization of Mu.

Genesis , Pristine and Celestine.

The supreme oracle is now assembled.

Earth has been chosen,

And the Gods have been summoned.

“Spirit” source of love and light has been awakened.

The dancer , the priestess and the portal are the oracle of this universe.

Let the cosmic dance begin!



She is a Ooak Porcelain 16.5″ double jointed doll and features:

Doll is made using the finest and silkiest milky white translucent porcelain.

Fully articulated body with 19 articulation points.

Leather lining on every joint for a smoother rotation.

Painted with permanent china colors. The same used in ceramics and porcelains that resist scratches.

Individually applied eyelashes.

Hand made glass eyes.

Hand painted face features.

Blushed body.

Accessories are made using real pearls and agate stones.

One of a kind premium soft removable magnetic mohair wig.

Hand painted intricate engraved passion fruit tattoo

Elaborate hand made removable outfit.

Hand made ballerina slippers.

Even though she can stand on her own , a custom wood stand with wood burned FH logo is included.



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