5 thoughts on “Forgotten Hearts Dolls

  1. Hi! Omg I’ve been searching on-line for and affordable BJD for years! I found Marina Bychkova Enchanted Dolls several years ago and was amazed how expensive her dolls went for on Ebay prices we’re out of my reach. But last night I happen to come across your Forgotten Hearts Dolls on youtube. Yay! Finally! I just wanted to say your dolls are amazing and beautifully done! So creative and talented. My question how long after ordering will it take to receive a doll? Also I just love your Echo doll and would it be possible to purchase one like her? I look forward to hearing from you all. Thank you Florence

    1. Dear Florence,

      Thank you for your message. It will all depend on what doll you purchase. If you purchase a doll from our already made ones then it will take a few days to arrive. If you choose to order a custom made doll then it will take from one to three months. All depends on how many dolls we have to make and the complexity of the doll you desire. I recommend you email me directly at fhdolls@hotmail.com for more details.

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